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Wighita Press is committed to publishing high quality works that offer help to troubled children, adolescents and adults in a way that identifies with their situations. As such Wighita Press publishes books that are empathic while still dealing with the issues that self-help "how to" books and psychology / psychotherapy textbooks seek to address.The philosophy of Wighita Press's editors is to embrace manuscripts that perceive human beings as being inherently "emotionally healthy" despite current difficulties. They perceive mental health as a continuum, where according to the individual's levels of self-esteem and social support, difficult life events will impact a person in different ways. The editors do not view the labelling process of "mental health diagnoses" as helpful to an individual.

The works published by Wighita Press seek to expand an individual's perception of life and their place in it, in order to empower and enable people to take control of their lives and, most importantly, to enable them to take care of themselves and subsequently others. Manuscripts accepted by Wighita Press have to originate from psychological theory and current research, yet be expressed with humor and compassion, so that even the most despairing individuals will gain hope, direction and validation from them.

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